definition: a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim

Each and every organisation is different and we know you are the experts of your own business. However, it can sometimes be beneficial to seek the opinion and skills of others from the outside, who have a different perspective and can work with you to help deliver positive change for your organisation or sector.

With five decades of golf sector experience, we are well placed to provide the knowledge and insights that can help develop and deliver your organisational and industry goals.

Our Services

Research and Analysis:

Plan, undertake and analyse quantitative and qualitative research processes to deliver meaningful insights that underpin strategy development. 

Strategy and Planning:

Work with you to develop a strategy and plan that is relevant, innovative, ambitious and achievable.


We can help manage and implement delivery of the key outputs identified in the strategic plan.


We love to share our knowledge and experience and can provide our expertise via seminars and presentations.

Case Study

In 2021 we were selected to develop the Scottish Golf Tourism and Visitor Strategy 2022-2030 by the Scottish Government. The strategy development was fully industry led, utilising quantitative and qualitative research methods to ensure comprehensive industry engagement from the wider tourism community and deliver a 48-page professionally designed document that sets out the strategic national golf tourism vision and actions to 2030.

View the Scottish Golf Tourism and Visitor Strategy 2022-2030 here.

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